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Our areas of practice include the following, click on each one for more information:

Immigration & Refugee Law: We are a one stop legal boutique for all immigration and refugee protection needs. Our services cover all areas of Immigration and Refugee Law: 

  • We represent applicants for temporary resident visas (visitor visa, student visa, live-in caregiver visa and other work visas).
  • We represent applicants for permanent resident visas (skilled workers/professionals, self-employed persons, entrepreneurs and investors).
  • We represent Canadian citizens and permanent residents who wish to sponsor their relatives, including spouses, children and other family members.
  • We deal with all immigration detention cases and inadmissibility cases involving both foreign persons and permanent residents.
  • We assist persons with humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) applications for permanent resident status.
  • We represent persons (refugee claimants) seeking status as Convention refugees or Persons in Need of Protection.
  • We assist Convention refugees seeking to sponsor their relatives, spouses, children and other family members.
  • We represent applicants in Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) matters.
  • We represent persons in applications for stay of deportation at the Federal Court.
  • We handle appeals and judicial review challenges against refusals of all types of immigration and refugee protection applications at the Appeal Division of Immigration and Refugee Board, the Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.
  • We accept Legal Aid Ontario certificates for representation in deserving cases.

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International Investment Law: Our practice in the area of international investment law is a necessary offspring of, and is intertwined with, our Immigration Law practice. Many of our immigration clients require legal advice as they make critical decisions regarding wealth transfer to, and investment in, Canada. We are able to adequately address our clients’ needs in this area thanks to our legal training in the area of secured transactions and our mutually beneficial partnership with reputable investment counselors, bankers, real estate brokers and agents, etc.    

Civil & Insurance Litigation: We provide legal services to persons involved in civil and insurance litigation. We assist with all claims against insurance companies. We also represent individuals and companies in breach of contract and tort cases.   

Family Law: We prepare separation agreements and represent persons seeking divorce in Ontario Courts. We also handle custody and division of family property cases. We render opinions on validity of foreign divorce documents. 

Criminal Litigation: We provide a complete package of legal representation to clients in the criminal litigation process. We represent accused persons at bail hearings and during criminal trials. We also provide representation in appeals against convictions. We accept Ontario Legal Aid certificates in deserving cases.   

Corporate/Commercial Law: We provide a range of legal services to individuals and corporations in the area of corporate/commercial law. We assist clients with incorporations, corporate filings, corporate legal advice and representation in their dealings with others.  

Real Estate, Estate Planning & Administration Law: We also handle briefs in the areas of Real Estate, Estate Planning & Administration. We provide full legal representation to both buyers and sellers of residential, commercial and industrial properties. We also provide a full range of services that address the needs of clients in the areas of Estate Planning and Administration Law, including preparation of wills, e.t.c. 

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